Probiotics for Women & Men – Best Probiotic Supplement – MatchaBiotics PRO-15 Patented Time Release SmartCaps – 15x More Effective – Organic Matcha Prebiotics

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Product Description


A UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE SUPERIOR BLEND of Organic Matcha and premium quality probiotics to help maintain a healthy, balanced and energetic lifestyle.

MatchaBiotics is both new and exceptional and should not be confused with ordinary probiotic supplements. 

Our all natural, broad spectrum, probiotic super-formula containing 10 billion CFU premium strains plus organic Matcha prebiotic synergistically work to restore natural balance of the microbiome returning you to full vibrancy and can benefit you as follows:

Promote Calmness Enhance Mood and Health Promote Weight Loss Boost Immune System Lower Cholesterol Increase Energy Detoxify Naturally Promote Leaky Gut Repair Restore Natural Digestive Balance


MatchaBiotics is not just about probiotics and prebiotics. The capsules contain, amongst other things, organically sourced, naturally-occurring L-Theanine which induces relaxation whilst enhancing mood, improving memory and promoting better concentration.

Factor-in the probiotic feel-good component and things begin to look decidedly ‘chilled’ which might well be of interest to the three-quarters of Americans currently suffering from stress.

The broad-spectrum blend of friendly bacteria within each MatchaBiotics capsule busy themselves recolonising your intestines, strengthening your immune system and promoting healthy digestion.

Gluten Free and Allergen Free from the most common allergens such as soy, egg, shellfish, fish, cereals containing gluten, corn, peanuts, tree nuts, sulphites, alcohol, sugar. Non GMO, Kosher, Halal, suitable for VEGANS


OUR PATENTED SMARTCAP™ delivery system protects the contents of the capsule through the stomach acid to arrive safely in the small and large intestine for maximum growth of good bacteria. No other ‘sustained release’ system targets key areas this accurately making it one of the most effective probiotic supplements on the market.

Unlike unrealistic competitor claims, our probiotics are genuinely 15 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than other high-end probiotic supplements.

Third party tested to ensure purity and safety of ingredients.

Stable shelf life retains full potency to expiry date of two years. No refrigeration needed. Manufactured in the USA.

ACCELERATES WEIGHT LOSS AND BOOSTS ENERGY LEVELS beyond normal limits of other probiotics or Matcha green tea powders due to its targeted time release patent-pending synergistic formulation.

MatchaBiotics delivers the best of both worlds in one, easy-to-swallow, highly effective SmartCap boosting energy levels without the usual side-effects of stimulants. A healthy gut can increase metabolic rate naturally which will accelerate weight loss.

ENHANCES MOOD AND WELL-BEING as each capsule contains high levels of one of the most potent and beneficial antioxidant known to science – organic epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) which is entirely absent from all other probiotic supplements.

EGCg counters effects of free radicals that cause cellular damage associated with aging and a variety of health challenges. With 80% of our immune system in the digestive tract our innovative supplement promotes well-being and balance.

FIGHTS STRESS, INDUCES CALMNESS, AIDS SLEEP No other probiotic supplement contains organic L-Theanine which produces dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals serve to enhance mood, improve memory and promote better concentration.

Additionally beneficial bacteria in your gut can boost your body’s supply of melatonin (a hormone which helps you relax) which along with serotonin gives you a sound, restorative sleep.


✅FIGHTS STRESS AND ENHANCES MOOD plus improves memory and promotes better concentration
✅BOOSTS ENERGY LEVELS without usual side-effects of stimulants like nervousness or high blood pressure
✅ENHANCES IMMUNE FUNCTION AND DIGESTION better than hard to digest pearls with 10 billion CFU of premium probiotic strains plus prebiotic
✅ACCELERATES WEIGHT LOSS far beyond other probiotics or matcha green tea powders with our targeted time release superior patent-pending blend. 15 times more effective – the ultimate flora technology