Can Probiotics Kill Parasites?

Up until the middle of the last century, around 1950’s, if you complained to your doctor about being tired all the time he would routinely prescribe an old-fashioned worm medicine. Parasites are still around but are very hard to detect exactly what symptoms they are causing. so modern medicine tends to ignore them now.

Parasitic testing procedures used today can only recognize around 50 of the many hundreds of parasites that can live inside us, add to that their very erratic reproductive cycle and you have inconclusive test results at best. Also, if you consider the long list of possible parasitic-related symptoms, some may be from disorders other than parasites.

Probiotics can help

The perfect terrain for parasites to thrive in is one that’s lacking the proper balance of intestinal flora. This is the balance of the good bacteria and the bad, and since probiotics make up the major part of the good bacteria then increasing that number will decrease the parasites chance to survive, or at least stop reinvestation.

How to increase your probiotics

Probiotics are already inside your gut, living alongside other bacteria. They are constantly battling the bad bacteria trying to keep their numbers low so that your digestive tract can function properly and fight off infections, disorders, and disease. You may have heard of probiotic supplements that some companies add to certain fermented foods like yogurt, while this seems like a way to increase the probiotics in your system it really doesn’t help the cause.

New research points to prebiotics

The ongoing research concerning the relationship between pro and prebiotics is still relatively new but has produced some exciting and optimistic results. Neither probiotics nor prebiotics are anything new, what is new is the discoveries that have been made regarding how these two function together.

As mentioned earlier, probiotics are found naturally in our digestive tract as a type of good bacteria needed for good digestive health.

How prebiotics fit in

Prebiotics are not found naturally in our body but are in certain carbohydrate foods we eat such as whole grains, raw vegetables and a variety of fruits. When absorbed into our digestive tract they provide important enzyme, phenols, and fiber nutrients that probiotics feed on to grow. So while probiotics are very important, they are not self-supporting therefore must have prebiotics providing them the food they need.

Our gut flora is a very delicate and complicated balancing act but the good news is we can seriously influence it through our diet; feed it junk and sugar and you give the upper edge to things like E.coli and parasites. But feed it good wholesome prebiotics and you give the upper hand to the probiotic team representing the good bacteria that can squash the bad guys through sheer numbers… the choice is up to you.

Source by J.M. Ferreira

The Best Probiotics That Kill Candida

There are only a few probiotics that kill Candida on the market. The reason this is true is due to the fact that many of the probiotics have been controlled and owned by corporations giving them the sole right to say how and when those probiotics can and will be used.

A few of the probiotics that kill candida that you can get on the market are as follows. Culturelle is the first of the probiotics that you can acquire in the United States. They are distributed by CAG Functional Foods. Another on the market is Lp299v, however, this is not currently available in the United States. You will have to find a source from the internet in order to acquire Lp299v.

You can also acquire the natural probiotics that kill Candida by eating specific types of foods. Yogurt, the unsweetened Americanized version, has long been known for it’s probiotic attributes. A diet that includes 1 or 2 yogurt’s a day will help you get the probiotics that kill Candida into your body on a regular basis. These probiotics help your body in many other ways in terms of natural growth, restoring cells, and keeping your intestinal tract healthy.

Fish is another wonderful source. Especially things such as sushi and other raw fish. Cooking naturally removes many of the healthful aspects of any and all foods, including fish. They have known this in Asian countries for thousands of years. Increase your fish intake and you will also increase the amount of probiotics that kill Candida that you take into your body on a regular basis.

Source by Paul Blanco

Too Much Good Healthy Food Can Kill You

Water is essential for life and we need to consume it in order to stay healthy but when too much is taken it is known to kill. That was driven home when dizziness and unwell feelings have had me involuntarily taking it easy. At times my legs were too heavy and tired to walk while my arms feel like they are being dragged from their sockets. My only respite has been doing more in the garden with frequent brakes.

During the cold winter months it is natural to turn to the good leafy green vegetables and the oft promoted super foods. It was with great pride and joy that my patch sports them in abundance. Bok Choy, which grows so quick one can pick leaves everyday while it thrives. Kale, which never seems to be a trouble to grow, and spinach, which is my favourite.

From around the start of winter they became my staples every night. Knowing the benefit they give with their super abundance of essential elements and vitamins a short burst of heat in the micro-wave had them ready to eat.

Following the nightly meal, it is a treat to pamper my stomach with yoghurt and blueberries. Delicious and moorish even the cats front up to lick the plate. Almonds have been another staple recommended by dieticians for a healthy gut.

So with all this goodness inside why is my body letting me down. Tired aching muscles, nausea feelings and then the dizziness that has often sent me spinning towards a chair.

Doctors, Naturopaths, PT trainers and others all suggested different causes. From stones in the ears to a damaged shoulder everything was suggested but nothing seemed to fit.

As a spiritual person it is normal for me to consult the Spirit for answers and they came thick and fast. Looking at the Bok Choy waving its lovely leaves amidst the other great foods it hit me. What is it about that vegetable that could make me sick.

It has been like poisoning whereby my brain becomes cloudy and then my body feels wobbly. Led to the Internet the riddle was soon solved.

While bok choy, kale, spinach, etc. are super foods with components to block cancer growth and even prevent diabetes, they contain a high amount of potassium. Symptoms of too much of that element exactly matches mine. Lethargy, nausea, and dizziness are part of it. Almond milk and nuts are also full of it, as too is milk and other staples, including eggs.

The danger of an abundance of potassium leads to heart attacks and other things. The lesson that too much good healthy food can actually kill you has been learnt. The Great Spirit has once again protected me, as it does all who are spiritual. All one needs do is ask it as a friend for answers and it rarely lets you down.

Source by Norma Holt