GoodBelly® Probiotic Supplement for Digestive Health – Probiotics for Men and Women – Aids in Digestion & Supports Your Active Lifestyle {1 Box – 30 Capsules}

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Product Description

Did you know that our intestines are home to about 100 trillion microorganisms? That’s 10x more than the number of human cells in our entire body! With this many bacteria, it’s important to keep it all in check. Don’t just trust that probiotics are good for you, experience it for yourself!

At GoodBelly, everything we do is guided by the belief that the journey to better health starts with your belly. We believe that it should be easy and you should feel the effect.

GoodBelly Probiotic Supplement is packed with 10 billion live & active cultures of super strain probiotic LP299v. Our unique strain is recognized as one of the most effective probiotics available. Its efficacy is backed up by more than two decades of research with 50 human clinical trials, showing its ability to help balance your intestinal microflora and promote healthy digestion.

NextFoods, the makers of GoodBelly, based in Boulder, Colorado, is on a mission to help everyone understand that with good digestive health the world is a happier place (yup, that’s right – we’re all about digestive health). Try GoodBelly and let us know what you think. We hope our products are just what you need for your trek toward GoodHealth and nutrition!

BALANCE YOUR DIGESTION – GoodHealth starts with a GoodBelly. Probiotics are great for your IMMUNE SYSTEM, digestive upset, during and after a course of antibiotics, and just for helping you stay regular (and who doesn’t like that?)!
CRAFTED CULTURE – We’ve done our research. Both quantity AND quality matter. That’s why 10 BILLION LIVE & ACTIVE PROBIOTIC CULTURES of GoodBelly’s Super Strain (LP299V) are in every capsule. WORKS WITH ANY DIET – GoodBelly Probiotic Supplement is Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan and non-GMO – healthy is for everyone.
MADE BY THE BEST – GoodBelly is a recognized probiotic pioneer intent on improving people’s lives by delivering one of the most impactful probiotic strains through convenient and efficacious foods, beverages and supplements. Experience, research and passion help create every one of our products.
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Delightful Fitness Aids for a Healthy Lifestyle

The well-known English novelist Dorothy 'Dodie' Gladys Smith had shared her views on a stimulating bath. And this is what she had to say: "Father says hot water can be as stimulating as an alcoholic drink and though I never come by one … I can well believe it." Indeed, she was right since bathing in hot water is amazingly refreshing for both the mind and body.

The elite among the Romans of yore used to spend hours in sauna baths and thus regale in their pastime. Medically it has been proved that bathing in mild hot water opens up the pores of the skin which in turn is extremely good for health. On this score, it is worthwhile to note that many natural hot springs have therapeutic values ​​in them.

Incidentally, one need not go in search of such hot springs. Today, the delights of hot springs could be had at the backyard of one's home. These are marketed globally by different companies dealing in health and fitness systems. Price tag-wise, these hot tubs are not essentially meant solely for the rich and expensive. There are models that are affordable for everyone to begin the journey to relaxation.

They come in various dimensions and each hot tub is spacious enough for five to seven persons to squat and share those delightful moments. These tubs, depending on the model, have systems of jets through which the water splashes on the body to render an invigorating experience of water massage.

These branded hot tubs are the fruits of a self-made person named Keith who had a penchant for good things in life and designed the first prototype in 1978. Interestingly, the makers of these hot tubs have kept human ergonomics comfort in view while designing and manufacturing as such the curved contoured seats fit the human body perfectly. The water jets are positioned at appropriate spots in a hot tub.

The companies that market these products have numerous other systems that are domestically manufactured as well as imported to maintain healthy body and mind. They come in two versions – Elevation series and Integrity series. According to the users, the Elevation version is for an immersive exercise experience.

It has integrated consoles and attachable TVs, iPod, video to watch choicest programs while exercising or a music system to listen to favorite inspirational tunes. It has a programmed trainer that charts out different exercises alongside the results from it. In the Integrity series, the bike is reported to be aesthetic in design with facilities for iPod and TV controls for a melodious experience.

Source by Tarun Sharma