Stop Bedwetting and ADHD Behaviors – Start Probiotics For Children

Stop Bedwetting and ADHD Behaviors – Start Probiotics For Children

My son comes from a long line of bedwetters. I can't count the hours of lost sleep from waking him up to go potty. I can't count the number of quarters I spent washing the sheets. The pediatrician told me not to worry because the bladder doesn't mature until age 7. I would invite her to help me drag the sheets up and down four flights of stairs every time the bed was wet. I personally had better things to do with my time every night after work than wash sheets. I would rather be investing my time and my money in a home business and spending quality time with my son in the park so he could run off his energy.

I learned from a video called Fed Up with Children's Behavior by Sue Dengate, that food dyes and other chemical additives irritate the bladder and cause hyperactivity and aggression. I learned from my preschool that there are simple exercises that integrate a primitive reflex called the Spinal Galant reflex. So, I put my whole family on an additive free diet and did the wiggle worm exercise with my son.

The bedwetting eventually stopped altogether.

Then, my son broke his arm. The bone punctured the skin, so the doctors put him on antibiotics while he was in the hospital. He got two iv's full of antibiotics for a tiny puncture wound.

In the hospital, he woke up constantly to go to the bathroom because of being on iv's after the surgery.
When we got home, he started wetting the bed again.

Even if I took him potty in the middle of the night, he still wet the bed.

Then, he spiked a high fever and got an ear infection and pink eye.

The doctors put him on more antibiotics.

(It took a room full of doctors and nurses almost an hour for to find an antibiotic without artificial colors.)

I knew from Dianne Craft's cd The Biology of Behavior that antibiotics cause yeast overgrowth and bring down the body's defenses and cause ADHD behavior such as hyperactivity and aggression. I had previouisly been giving my son acidophilus tablets because he was very hyperactive. But, since we started an additive free diet, I didn't rely on the probiotics so much.

Finally, when he was too sick to go to his birthday party, I took him anyways and let the fresh air and sunshine and good old fashioned friends cure him of his misery. I decided from that point that I would not continue the antibiotics.

I doubled up on the acidophilus tablets and served him kefir smoothies to clear his system of the antibiotics and of the sicknesses. Acidophilus tablets contain a milk loving bacteria that break down the protein in milk and restore a healthy balance of flora in the intestine. Cultured milk products, like kefir, yogurt and cheese, contain lactobacillus acidophilus as well as other cultures that help the body control overgrowth of candida albicans and candidiasis.

A couple days later, the bedwetting stopped. He didn't get sick again, either. I exposed him to as much fresh air and sunshine as possible to keep his spirits high and to keep him active.

Then, when he went in to get his splint changed to a cast, the doctors wanted to prescribe more antibiotics.

FOR WHAT? !! For the surgery, they said. I about fell out of my chair. Antibiotics for cutting off a splint and covering the arm with a cast?

I declined the prescription. My son has been waking up dry and healthy ever since.

So, think twice before giving your child antibiotics. Consult with your pediatrician. If you decide to use anitbiotics, consider the use of acidophilus and cultured milk products, such as kefir, yogurt and cheese in conjunction with antibiotics. Be sure to ask for a variety of antibiotics without food dyes. There is a generic version of Amoxycillin that comes in a white chewable tablet that tastes like sweet tarts.

Traditional societies have used cultured milk products for centuries for health and vitality. So, it makes sense that we should, too. Continue the use of acidophilus, especially after finishing a prescription of antibiotics to restore the balance of healthy flora in the intestine. Make cultured milk products a part of your family's daily diet.

Stop wasting time and hard earned money washing sheets. You could be working from home and investing in your future with all the time you waste changing the bedding and washing sheets. You could be enjoying quality time with your peaceful child who used to be an ADHD child.

Source by Penny Arcos

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