Autism Treatment – Constipation and Tru Fiber

Autism Treatment – Constipation and Tru Fiber

From many of my previous recordings, you can understand how big of an issue constipation can be for many children with Autism. Tru Fiber is an excellent fiber supplement that you can get from New Beginnings.

Tru Fiber is a granule type of fiber supplement that is very easy to mix into water or juice. It does not have a bad taste and the kids in my practice take it very well. The normal dosing amount for Tru Fiber ranges from ½ scoop to 1 scoop anywhere from 1 to 3 times per day. Each child is different and so the exact dosage will depend on your child and what helps them. A pretty effective dose of this Fiber for many children in my practice is 1 scoop twice per day.

And while Tru Fiber is an excellent fiber source, it also serves another purpose as well. Tru Fiber is also a prebiotic. What a prebiotic does is support the underlying natural bacteria in the digestive tract. The digestive tract is full of natural bacteria and an example of a natural bacteria found in the digestive tract is acidophilus bifidobacter. Probiotics also provide the natural “good” bacteria that the digestive system needs and there are many types of probiotics, Culturelle, Therbiotic Complete, Probiotic Support Formula, etc. And if you are using a probiotic with your child, a prebiotic like Tru Fiber can act as a fertilizer helping the natural growth of the probiotics.

So this is very effective as a fiber aid, helping with your child’s constipation issues and encouraging more regular bowel movements but it also serves as a prebiotic. The prebiotic component helps support your probiotic formulas by acting as a fertilizer, helping to establish the colonies of good bacteria that our bodies need. Tru Fiber is an excellent supplement, found through New Beginnings Nutritionals.

Autism really is treatable! Biomedical Autism treatments and therapies have resulted in improving, or even even losing children’s autism-spectrum disorder diagnosis.

Source by Dr. Kurt Woeller

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