The Fermented Man: A Year on the Front Lines of a Food Revolution

The Fermented Man: A Year on the Front Lines of a Food Revolution

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“Dellinger ably explains the wide range of fermented foods, the role flavor plays, health benefits, and the basic processes, and he includes a few recipes. The author hopes his intriguing experiments will open eyes and palates to the culinary and health benefits of fermented foods.”

“In this tell-all food memoir, Dellinger recounts the highs and lows of the experiment, delves into the science and history of fermentation, and examines its culinary value and nutritional impact. With an engaging writing style and keen sense of humor, he jumps into Michael Pollan food territory with a Hemingwayesque sense of personal adventure”

“Dellinger brings his bubbling ferments to the page, helping to propel American food culture into a more delightful and nutritious future.  Through his eyes and gut we get a unique invitation to taste a surprising array of foods as alive as our own bodies. Do not be disconcerted.  Let this delicious state of affairs expand your mind―and what you eat.”
David Montgomery and Anne Biklé, authors of The Hidden Half of Nature

“Derek Dellinger has crafted a personal tale that is much in keeping with what we are as humans. Fermented foods and beverages have been fundamental to the human condition since we first appeared in the Paleolithic period on the planet, and have much to do with what we are today, physically and culturally.”
Patrick E. McGovern, author of Uncorking the Past and Ancient Wine

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