Probiotic Super Strain That Is Essential For Effectively Dealing With Constipation

Billions of people in the world are facing the problem of constipation. This is due to the change in eating habits and lifestyle of people. Constipation is a common problem found to occur in many of us. The normal frequency of bowel movements varies considerably in constipation. It also makes you feel bloated. However, constipation can happen to anyone, but it is frequent in women and people over the age of 65.

The best cure for constipation is probiotics. Probiotics contain good bacteria which promote the health of your digestive system. There are different strains of bacteria found in different probiotics. The correct knowledge of your bacterial strain is very important, as every bacterium has its own properties for different body parts.

Choosing the best probiotic for constipation will depend on the type of bacteria used in your choice of probiotic, as research and studies have shown.

Research and studies at a major Midwestern university, suggests probiotics containing Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, are the best probiotics for constipation, as they adapt well to the human body because of their human origin.

After the experiment was conducted, various conclusions were derived:

Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 was considered good because it is acid and bile resistant for intestinal survival. It helps to promote your digestive health and provides immunity to your system. It contributes in building the intestinal flora, which is the good bacteria culture.

The Study

A study was conducted to determine whether bowel health would be enhanced, using a multi species probiotic with DDS-1. This study was carried out in Midwestern University and prestigious health center (2010).

After 60 days of treatment, many cases which were tested with DDS1 showed significant improvement. The problems of abdominal health and bloating were cured. This study suggests that DDS-1 may help create a healthy balance of micro flora in the gastrointestinal tract.

Other generalizations

There were few other generalizations as per the study. When evaluated as a case study, DSS-1 improved the health of human epithelial cell lines

In animal research, DDS-1 supported the normal production of immune components. It was found to perform its therapeutic qualities better than three other strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus or Bfidobacterium bifidum.

With these studies it is believed, the best probiotics for constipation are those which contain DSS1 strain. After the study 'one patient who was suffering from constipation and who had undergone this experiment mentions: "I no longer consider taking a probiotic as part of my daily regimen without this strain!"

Source by Andy Croucher

Primary Flora Probiotics — 60 Daily Time Release Pearls — Advanced 12 Strain Blend for Women, Men, and Kids — New Technology Delivers Over 50 Billion CFU Equivalent to Digestive System

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Primary Flora Advanced Daily Probiotic uses the patented BIO-tract delivery system, which delivers 15X more live bacteria to your gut than regular probiotic capsules, and controls their release over time to increase effectiveness and decrease possible irritation. Combining this technology with our proprietary 12-strain blend and a prebiotic, we’ve created the perfect daily use probiotic to help keep you balanced. All vegetarian and non-GMO ingredients. Manufactured in the USA in a GMP certified facility. No refrigeration necessary.

TARGETED RELEASE delivers 15X more live cultures to your gut than a standard probiotic supplement and is suitable for men, women, and kids.
TIMED RELEASE boosts effectiveness and decreases possible gut irritation by activating in the intestine rather than stomach. If you have experienced heartburn or other issues with probiotics in the past, try Primary Flora.
CLINICALLY TESTED strains now offer advanced daily support for ultimate digestive and immune health. Our research advantage and care for your health allows you to take one complete, extra-strength supplement for gut balance and bliss.
EASY TO SWALLOW 8mm pearl shaped Micro-Spheres do not need to be refrigerated unlike other probiotic products like yogurt. Our 60 count drop top container is easy to take on-the-go, and prevents spills. Vegetarian and gluten-free.

Dr Formulated Adult Probiotics Supplement – 40 Billion CFUs Daily Probiotic for Men and Women – 4 Strain Advanced Oral Flora Probiotic with Acidophilus, Lactobacillus, and Prebiotic Fiber

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Kairos Essentials Probiotics 40 Billion is a Dr formulated, Pharmacist recommended, high potency flora probiotics supplement that benefits both adult men and women.
*PHARMACIST RECOMMENDED: Our flora probiotics supplement is pharmacist recommended based on the positive effect it can have on the digestive tract and for its ability to boost immune function in adults; This advanced probiotic blend has the ability to relieve gas, bloating, intestinal discomfort, irregularity and indigestion; Probiotics 40 Billion CFU can also boost immunity against infections by keeping the body regulated with an abundance of good bacteria.
*MAKTREK BI-PASS TECHNOLOGY: This breakthrough technology used in our probiotic ensures that the contents of the capsule survive the acidity of the stomach and pass through to the intestines where the flora can thrive and produce the most health benefits; This technology eliminates the issue that many other probioitic supplements face – stomach acid killing the good bacteria and rendering the supplement ineffective.
*ALL NATURAL: We have created this probiotic for adults using all natural ingredients that are free of gluten, wheat, soy, and lactose; This proprietary blend of probiotics is vegetarian friendly and contains no GMOs. Our probiotic is scientifically formulated and manufactured in an FDA registered & GMP certified facility located right here in the USA.
*GUARANTEED: We stand behind our product and want to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied with this product, you are welcome to send it back for a full refund with no questions asked.

Probiotic for Women and Men – 20 Strain Liquid Probiotic Supplement – Acidophilus Probiotic – Womens Probiotic, Prebiotics and Probiotics – Best Probiotic for Digestion, Irritable Bowel & Leaky Gut

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Product Description

Look and Feel Your Best with Liquid Nutrition

Is Your Health Slowing You Down?
As we grow older, many disruptive factors like pollution, acidic foods, stress, bad bacteria, consumption of antibiotics (to name a few) cause the good bacteria to lose territory in our bodies. As professionals in the supplement industry for more than 40 years, we’ve seen a lot of health products come and go. Ultimately, we grew tired of the countless ineffective, overpriced products and set out to create something better — products that are effective in improving your life.

Nutrition Supplements You’ve Been Searching For
Ultra6 Nutrition offers a full line of vitamin supplements that are effective, efficient, and affordable, including one of our most popular products, Ultra Pro-20 Probiotic drops. Ultra Pro-20 Probiotic drops was specifically formulated in liquid form to allow your body to have easier and more efficient access to superior overall digestive health. Think of the good bacteria found in Pro-20 as the internal janitors of your complete digestive system. Ultra6 Nutrition’s probiotic drops protect you from the aging process by preventing the propagation of unhealthy bacteria, destroying and inhibiting the growth of pathogens. With our unique liquid technology, our 20 strains of living organisms (probiotics) not only reach your intestinal tract, but are also absorbed and don’t pass through your system.

Trust the Supplement Professionals
In terms of essential nutrients, a healthy, balanced diet only goes so far. Sometimes our bodies need extra vitamins to truly thrive. Our products are manufactured with proper testing and quality control in the USA with formulations developed to help you achieve the lifestyle you seek and deserve. We believe you should live life to the fullest — join our healthy family and start feeling the difference as Ultra6 Nutrition boosts your health to happiness with liquid nutrition.

➕ SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTIVE AND IMMUNE SYSTEM – Pro20 effects digestive and immune function by altering the existing bacteria, enhancing the intestinal barrier, and stimulating the immune system.
➕ SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER ABSORPTION – Our Liquid Probiotic formula not only absorbs quicker, but also absorbs more efficiently than pills and capsules, giving your body more access to the 20 strains of good bacteria, which is vital for the absorption of nutrients and synthesis of key vitamins.
➕ MORE EFFECTIVE THAN CAPSULES. With our unique liquid technology, our 20 strains of living organisms (probiotics) not only reach your intestinal tract, but are also absorbed and don’t pass through your system. Liquid Probiotics like our Pro20 drops have been shown to truly and positively effect the health of your large intestine.
➕ MADE IN USA AND FREE PHONE SUPPORT – Our Ultra Pro20 Probiotic Drops are made in the USA by an FDA Inspected and GMP Certified Facility. Free telephone support for questions and guidance with product usage or any other needs you may have.

Advanced Probiotic with Patented DE111 Strain (Bacillus subtilis). Spore Forming Probiotic. No Refrigeration Needed. 11.5 Billion Organisms. Probiotics for Women and Men. 60 Vegetable Capsules.

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DE111 (Bacillus subtilis) is a patented and clinically studied
NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED: The product is stable under vaying temparature conditions
SURVIVES STOMACH ACID because of its ability to form spores that protect the microbes from harsh conditions
QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Our product has been made using high quality ingredients and we strive to keep our prices reasonable
RISK FREE PURCHASE: We stand behind our products and therefore we offer an unconditional 90-day return policy. We want you to feel confident when purchasing our products

Probiotics by Herrmann Health Products | Probiotic for Men and Women | High Potency 7 Strain Formula | 5.75 Billion Organisms per Capsule | Non-GMO Consisting of DE111™ | GMP Certified 60 Capsules

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What Are Probiotics? Herrmann Health Products Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. Probiotics are often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. They can help balance your “good” and “bad” bacteria to keep your body working like it should. Herrmann Health Products Probiotics 5.75 Million Organisms is a blend of 7 strains of Probiotic Bacteria. Our Probiotic supplement is designed to provide a high potency and balance of beneficial bacteria. By taking this product on a regular basis it can help assist in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. This can be especially beneficial for Women.

BOOST IMMUNITY & DIGESTION – helps irritable bowel syndrome & fights intestinal tract illness in BOTH Men and Women
BALANCE INTESTINAL FLORA – help balance your “good” and “bad” bacteria to keep your body working like it should
LIVE BATERIA & YEAST – Probiotics are “good” or “helpful” bacteria to keep your gut healthy
MADE IN THE USA – FDA Registered state-of-the-art facility, using the latest GMP standards

Havasu Nutrition Probiotics Advanced Multi Strain – Supports Digestive & Immune Health with 7 Strains of Good Bacteria – Relieves Gas & Bloating – Delayed Release, Non-GMO, 60 Capsules

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Product Description

Extra Strength Advanced Multi Strain Probiotic Pills – Supports Digestion & Immune Health– 60 Vegetable Capsules

probiotic immune support digestive relief

INNOVATION: With partners who share a passion for nature’s world, we have combined state-of-the-art manufacturing practices with botanical and formulation expertise to ensure cutting-edge, natural solutions.

TRANSPARENCY AND TESTING: We set the bar higher at Havasu Nutrition. We know transparency is important to you and it should be! Before that bottle arrives to your location, it goes through a robust system that includes testing the raw materials and finished product. This testing includes microbial testing and testing for heavy metal and chemicals; identity and authenticity testing so you can assure purity; and the exact concentration of ingredients to ensure absolute safety. Every batch is tested in a ANS state-of-the-art facility and is third party tested to validate potency and integrity at an ISO accredited lab. You should never compromise when it comes to your health and need not to with Havasu Nutrition’s quality standards.

PROUDLY MADE IN USA: All products are manufactured in the United States with the highest quality and

safety. We establish stringent quality control standards in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and manufacture all our supplements to exceed expectations set by Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

OUR COMMITMENT: At Havasu Nutrition, we take pride in delivering the highest quality products. Our carefully chosen ingredients are the foundation of our company, allowing us to deliver on our mission of helping people live longer and healthier lives. We are committed to not only delivering better nutritional results through natural remedies, but also delivering better health, confidence and, ultimately, a better you. You don’t have to compromise the quality when it comes to your health! We are here to walk with you on your health journey.

PURE: We believe you should know everything that goes into your body; all active ingredients of Advanced Probiotics are natural and non-habit forming so you can take any time without worry. Our formula contains NO preservatives, chemicals, artificial ingredients, or sugars so you can trust that you are using an all-natural supplement!

POWERFUL DUO: Try Elderberries with Advanced Probiotics for a powerful Immune Support Stack!

Take Havasu ADVANCED PROBIOTIC daily to:

✓ Support healthy digestive function and regularity*

✓ Support immune function and health*

✓ Help relieve digestive discomfort*


Each vegetarian capsule delivers a total of 5.75 Billion CFU probiotics to support digestive and immune health so you feel better, lighter, and more energized.*

ADVANCED PROBIOTIC capsules do not contain any fillers or additives.

✓ Gelatin free, plant-based vegetarian formula

✓ Gelatin free, plant-based vegetarian formula

✓ No Refrigeration Necessary

15 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE: Features probiotic strains delivered with an innovative delivery system and protective microbead capsule that ensures the active strains will survive the stomach acid and reach the small and lower large intestine where they work best to support our health.*
Our formula will even reach your large intestine making it more than 15 times more effective than other probiotic pills.*
GAIN RELIEF FROM OCCASIONAL DIGESTIVE GAS, BLOATING, CRAMPING AND DISCOMFORT.* PROMOTES DIGESTIVE HEALTH AND REGULARITY.* They offer a balanced spectrum of live organisms consisting of acid-resistant probiotic bacterial strains that are known to naturally colonize in the human GI tract.*

AMRAP Nutrition – Probiotics – 12 Strain Probiotic Blend for Men – Women – Time Release Formula for Maximum Potency – Improves Digestion and Immune System

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Product Description



AMRAP Nutrition Probiotics is an all-natural blend of 12 potent probiotic strains designed to improve digestion and strengthen the immune system in men and women. 

Each non-GMO, gluten-free probiotics capsule is formulated to provide 5 billion CFUs to boost “good” bacteria and restore balance to your intestinal tract. 

Unlike other probiotics supplements on the market, AMRAP Nutrition Probiotics have a time-release mechanism that delays release of the ingredients until they’re in the intestinal tract. This ensures that the live microorganisms aren’t destroyed or weakened before they reach their destination. 

AMRAP Nutrition’s probiotics supplement also includes a proprietary IBS Support Blend, which serves to calm the intestinal tract and enhance the effect of the probiotics. 

AMRAP Nutrition Probiotics can help to relieve gas and bloating, promote bowel regularity, reduce inflammation, and control appetite. 

12 POTENT ALL-NATURAL STRAINS: AMRAP Nutrition’s probiotics formula features a proprietary blend of 12 highly effective strains of live microorganisms to support digestive health and improve immune function. Each all-natural, vegetarian probiotics capsule provides 5 billion CFUs to boost “good” bacteria and balance your microbiome.
  FORMULATED FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS: Time release mechanism delays effect until probiotics are in the intestinal tract to ensure maximum potency in replenishing good bacteria. AMRAP Nutrition Probiotics help relieve gas and bloating, and promote bowel regularity.
  SOOTHING IBS SUPPORT: AMRAP Nutrition Probiotics includes a proprietary IBS Support Blend to calm the intestinal tract and enhance the effect of the probiotics. Together, these two components work to counter the effects of harmful bacteria and restore balance for both men and women.


Founded in 2012, AMRAP Nutrition takes its name from the performance-focused exercise regimen based on doing “as many reps as possible”. It reflects the company’s philosophy that men and women of all levels can use short-term performance to build long-term health. 

As a competitive athlete and committed environmentalists, the founders’ goal was to create a line of natural supplements that would meet the highest standards for effectiveness and purity, while adhering to strict guidelines for sustainability. 

AMRAP Nutrition also reinvests 10% of profits with registered charities working to improve the health and lives of children around the globe. In their business, their personal lives, and their role as global citizens, the company’s owners do everything they can to make every rep count.

Third Party Tested (Athlete Approved) – to meet the demands of athletes, coaches and those concerned about banned substances. AMRAP Nutrition product are thoroughly tested by an independent lab and the results are published on their website.
  Good Manufacturing Practice Certified (cGMP) – to ensure that your products are consistently produced according to highest quality control standards. Our facilities are regulated and approved by the US Food & Drug Administration. 


All AMRAP Nutrition products use only the purest ingredients in the ideal proportions to work with your body’s natural processes, to enhance your long-term health.

AMRAP Nutrition’s specially formulated supplements are designed to support a wide range of athletic activities, to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or weekend warrior, AMRAP Nutrition products will safely take your performance to the next level, ensuring you reach your full potential.

FORMULATED FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS: TIme release mechanism delays effect until probiotics are in the intestinal tract to ensure maximum potency in replenishing good bacteria. AMRAP Nutrition Probiotics help relieve gas and bloating, and promote bowel regularity.
SOOTHING IBS SUPPORT: AMRAP Nutrition Probiotics includes a proprietary IBS Support Blend to calm the intestinal tract and enhance the effect of the probiotics. Together, these two components work to counter the effects of harmful bacteria and restore balance for both men and women.
THIRD-PARTY TESTED: All AMRAP Nutrition products are independently third-party tested for purity, safety, and nutritional value. Documentation is available on AMRAP Nutrition’s website.
GUARANTEE: If you’re dissatisfied with this product for any reason, you may return it within 90 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Ultra Probiotics for Women and Men – High Potency 18 Strain Probiotic with Prebiotic Vegan Gluten Free Supplement Includes lactobacillus acidophilus for Gut Health Constipation IBS and Immune Support

Price: $19.95
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DEVELOPED BY A WORLD RENOWNED NUTRITIONIST DOCTOR CERTIFIED – Proprietary formula 15 Billion CFU and 18 Unique Strains good-guy bacteria developed to help restore digestive and immune health
HIGHER NUMBER OF STRAINS AND CFU COMPARED TO EXPENSIVE RETAIL BRANDS- In clinical tests it has been shown that a wide variety of strains and High dose probiotics offer a wide variety of health benefits. ULTRA-15 has the broadest number of strains among competitors capsules, tablets, and pearls
HEAT RESILIENT PATENTED DELAYED RELEASE CAPSULE KEEP THE BACTERIA ALIVE UNTIL YOU NEED IT – ULTRA 15 Probiotics does not have to be refrigerated because the strains included are shelf stable at room temperature and stay alive until you need them
MADE IN THE USA IN A GMP CERTIFIED FACILITY – We proudly produce this product in the US using the most stringent GMP rules and the latest manufacturing practices. This product is gluten free and all ingredients are Non-GMO. In addition this product contains IS DAIRY FREE with no eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, rice, soy, or artificial ingredients

Ora Organic Vegan Prebiotic & Probiotic Powder Supplement – Multi-Strain, Shelf-Stable Lactobacillus Probiotic for Kids, Men & Women – 6 strain, 20 Billion CFUs – Lavender Lemonade Flavor, 30 Servings

Price: $34.99
(as of Nov 13,2019 23:49:59 UTC – Details)

Ora Organic’s Trust Your Gut is a certified USDA Organic and vegan probiotic and prebiotic powder with 20 billion probiotics per serving and 6 strains that support optimal digestive health* and peak immune function.* What are prebiotics? Prebiotics serve as fuel for probiotics – they help the good bacteria thrive in your gut so your probiotics can get to work! Our Prebiotic, Organic Jerusalem Artichoke, is a sunflower root that’s high in fiber and a natural prebiotic – stimulating and feeding the Bifidobacteria in the gut. Trust Your Gut contains some of the most clinically documented and acid resistant probiotic strains in the world and just one scoop contains 20% of your daily fiber needs. It also doesn’t need to be refrigerated because i’s freeze-dried! Ora Organic’s chef designed this product to taste great with a little water or in a smoothie – we never include filler ingredients, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. No sugar or flavors added, perfect for kids and big kids alike! Add it to your smoothies or mix it on its own with cold water. This probiotic powder works great for those with even the most stringent dietary requirements; all Ora Organic’s products are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, non-GMO and use organic ingredients.