Surprising Healthier Lifestyle Choices You Can Make

If you’re thinking about making healthier lifestyle choices, it’s could be time to be a case of out with the old and in with the new! So here are some surprisingly easy ways you can improve your well-being and make your habits the healthiest ones ever!

Drink Coffee to Boost Your Mood

We hear a lot about the negative health effects of caffeine, but let’s not forget that it has its good points too! There is a link between moderate coffee consumption and improved mood. So if you’re feeling like those dark clouds are setting in, try a cup of coffee or two!

Chew Gum to Make You More Alert

Most of us have fallen victim to that afternoon slump, especially after a busy morning in work. But did you know that chewing mint flavoured gum can help to make you feel more awake, reduce feelings of tiredness and improve your concentration levels? It can also work as a stress reliever too!

Stand More and Live Longer

Office workers, beware! Sitting for prolonged periods of time can put you at a higher risk of back pain, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other health problems. It’s simple, if you want to give yourself a better chance of a longer life, sit less and stand more! When you’re at work, try to introduce five minutes of physical activity every hour and make sure you take regular breaks away from your desk or workstation. Small changes like taking the stairs instead of the lift will also make a big difference to your health.

Stay Clean

Taking money out from a cash machine is something we usually do without thinking too much about it. But do you wash your hands afterwards? Cash machines have been known to contain the same sickness causing bacteria found in some public toilets. You wouldn’t touch a toilet seat without scrubbing your hands, would you?

Think Positive

The mind and body are very closely connected, so it’s important to think positive. The stresses of life can cause some people to suffer from a low mood, so make sure you do the things that help you to keep thinking positively. Join a class, visit friends, de-clutter the house – anything that keeps your mind in good spirits. The happier you feel, the healthier you’ll be!

It’s never too late to make healthier lifestyle choices. A few small changes can make a significant positive difference to your health and well-being.

Here’s to good health!

Source by Robert Finn

Low Carb Dog Food – A Healthier Choice For Your Pet

It is true – how soon we forget. It wasn't that long ago when dogs were regularly fed table scraps which included bits of real meat such as beef and chicken, along with some veggies for good measure. Dogs seemed to be healthier and active longer in those days. Then, as consumers we were convinced that feeding a dog "table scraps" wasn't good for him (or her). Instead, manufacturers of processed products tried to enlighten us and tell us that we should feed our pets what is actually nothing much more than sugar, grain, additives of who knows what, and preservatives – to make food last longer on the store shelves.

As society has changed recently with the concerns of obesity in humans, nutrition has gained a lot more attention over the last several years. There have been many low carb diets introduced for humans, and as well, there now exists the option of low carb dog food for your pet. Pet owners have realized that not only do humans need to do a better job of eating healthier, their beloved canine friends need nutrition and healthy food choices just as much.

Now you have the option of feeding your dog dehydrated and raw low carbohydrate dog food. A variety of brands have been established to offer better nutrition to your best four-legged friend. Some recipes are entirely grain-free and include turkey that has been approved by the USDA and is hormone free. A wide variety of vegetables are also included, such as carrots, spinach, celery, and potatoes. Some varieties also contain fruits and herbs such as bananas, apples, rosemary, and cranberries. Dog food that is low in carbohydrates is available for all stages in a dog's life, from puppies to adult dogs.

The solution to providing healthy meals for your pet is more about quality of the food ingredients than quantity. Proteins that are low in quality and the fillers that manufacturers of dog food regularly use to bulk up the quantity include meat and bone "meal" that cannot be easily digested by your constant companion. Low carb dog food can also be gluten-free. As many people are now recognizing their body's issues with glutens (grains), so, too, pets can have intolerance of the substances. These issues require thoughtful consideration and mindful oversight to ensure your pet is eating the best foods possible.

Source by Thomas Kearl

5 Ways To Make Your Toddler Eat Healthier

It’s indeed convenient to rely on fast food or fried food (like hotdogs, chicken nuggets and the like) to feed your little one. They’re easy to order or prepare and most of all, the kids love it! While it’s not a bad idea from time to time, everybody knows that a child’s meal should consist of nothing but nutritious food which is essential to their growth.

Here are 3 easy ways you can try to make your toddler eat healthier:

Offer a wide variety of food

Growing children need to eat 3 meals and 2 filling snacks along with plenty of fluids per day. This means that you have a lot of opportunity to offer them plenty of healthy options. Yogurt, carrot sticks and pretzels are some good options to start with. Be sure to have stock in your car or in their bag if you’re going to be out the whole day to prevent from resorting to fast food.

Introduce healthy food slowly

One important thing to keep in mind is that children, by nature, are reluctant to try new food, especially if they haven’t seen or tasted anything like it before. You can explain to them that oftentimes, one would need to get used to a food’s flavour first before they end up liking it.

You can also try serving green peas, for example, in different ways just to make them familiar with it. The first few times they might not try it, but once they see it often on the dinner table, they might be willing to get a taste especially if they see you and everyone else enjoying it.

Be a good example

Children love to mimic their parents and the adults around them. The same goes around the dinner table. If you set an example by eating healthy, nutritious food all the time, they’ll definitely think it’s the norm. If you must have your junk food or your fast food, consider eating those without your child/children seeing.

It’s not that they can’t have fast food or sweets, it’s just that during this time that you’re trying to make them eat healthier, it’s crucial to surround them with just the food that you want them to start eating.

While undergoing through this process, it’s important to remember that children shouldn’t be deprived of their favorite foods. If they want hotdogs, give them some from time to time to make sure they’re still eating!

Source by Angela Kidd

Healthy Living – Challenge Yourself To Living Healthier In 30 Days!

Everyone should have a goal of living healthier. You should want to eat healthier and to get exercise. Studies have shown that people who get in shape and stay in shape live longer lives, have more energy and are just happier people all the way around. There are some things that you can do to challenge yourself in the next 30 days to living a healthier lifestyle.

There have been numerous studies done that show that a habit (good or bad) is formed in 30 days. Well, we want to create a good habit. So, over the next month, take a step in each of these areas to live a healthier lifestyle.

First of all, if you are not doing anything already, you need to start an exercise program. If doesn’t have to be all time consuming or expensive. Something as simple as walking for 15 minutes a day to start is excellent. You can run, cycle, roller blade, sit-ups – anything to get your body moving. If you have an exercise program in place – great! How often do you work out? One day a week, two days? Make one of your habits to exercise more. You may have to get out of bed ½ hour earlier – but he benefits are well worth it!

You next habit is to make sure that you are eating healthier. This means eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Everyone needs to get this into their eating plans. That many servings of fruits and vegetables sounds like lot – but is easier than you think. And, an easy way to do it is by making smoothies. 5 servings goes by really quickly if you put the right ingredients in them!

Another habit that you want to get into is to make sure that you are drinking 64 ounces of water each day. I know that there have been some out there now that is saying that this is not the case. Well, there are too many medical experts who say you should. Drinking adequate water flushes out the toxins in your body and carries nutrients to your cells. Drinking water also helps to keep our skin and hair healthy. We also want to keep our bodies hydrated. Dehydration can lead to all sorts of problems. Staying hydrated is also important because you need to replenish the fluids that you will lose by sweating as you work out.

So, there you go. That’s your challenge for the next 30 days. Get in the habit of exercising more, eating healthier and drinking water every day and see how much better you feel!

Source by Judy Mick

Getting Healthy Before You Get Pregnant Leads to a Healthier Pregnancy and Baby

I have found many teenage girls being choosy and sulky over food and I include myself in this category. But once they start learning how to cook, the mother’s wacky old recipe tastes interesting if the young lady cooks it herself. Some women start eating all the veggies and fruits which they once hated as soon as they get pregnant. This gives rise to an interesting fact that if young ladies can cook their own food in a healthy way and start consuming it, they can be in a healthy state even before they get pregnant. I don’t know how far the idea holds true but being healthy by the time you get pregnant is very essential to have a baby as per experts in the healthcare domain.

It is just not that consuming healthy food is sufficient to conceive but you need to follow a series of steps to get healthy before you give birth to a healthy baby as it is evident that 1 in every 33 babies born in the USA have some sort of birth defect which can be fatal at times in the first year of the child birth. As it is apparent that healthy mothers have healthy babies, the women have lesser chances of having miscellaneous issues in their pregnancy such as miscarriages, premature labor, GD (Gestational Diabetes). The babies also are not vulnerable to premature birth, still birth or low birth weight.

PCH (Pre-conception health): Let us first understand about the pre-conception health as by the virtue of nature, womenhood is deployed with patience and they are ready to transform themselves for the new role with all the necessary sacrifices. PCH emphasizes on screening for diseases before pregnancy and encourages medical care for women in their child bearing age of 18 to 44 years. This feat improves their health and caters to the elements that might influence their pregnancies in future.

· Increase folic acid in diet: Studies revealed that women need to take B vitamin throughout the pregnancy and at least once a month before pregnancy as this vitamin helps preventing massive birth defects related to the spine and brain of the babies. Dark green leafy veggies are external sources of folic acid. Fortified whole grains and cereals and citrus fruits are also good sources to this prenatal vitamin.

· Balance your BMI: Obese women tend to have an increased risk for pregnancy complications such as type 2 Diabetes, heart problems and few types of cancers. Similarly, underweight people are also prone to serious issues in pregnancy. It is important to maintain the BMI (body mass index) before you are planning for a pregnancy. Regular exercising and consuming healthy food can get your BMI in place.

· Quit alcohol, smoking and drugs: Alcohol, smoke and drug abuse may turn your pregnancy disastrous. It is recommended to quit these habits much before conception as they apparently cause birth defects in the child and often cause intra uterine deaths as well. Seek assistance to quit these habits to have a healthy baby.

· Oral health is important too: People may wonder to know the relation between pregnancy and oral health. However, your oral health condition speaks volumes about your overall health as the inconsistency in your hormones in pregnancy causes bleeding and swelling gums. So, it is important to keep monitoring the oral health before and during pregnancy.

This caring is supposed to continue even after the delivery as you need to feed the baby and staying healthy is the key to having healthy and ample breast milk. As maintaining healthy habits stretches for a long time from pre-pregnancy to post-delivery, staying healthy should become a habit for life time. It is just not important to stay healthy for your baby but it is essential to stay healthier for yourself!!

Source by Richa Verma

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A Healthier Lifestyle

Why do the people in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia, Russia live exceptionally long lives (often over 100 years old)? They live at a higher altitude and where the air is fresher and cleaner and they live on food high in proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

Here are some of the reasons for their longevity.

o Happier family life, they get respect extended to them by the younger generation.

o Healthy diet

o Exercise (In their instance – horse riding)

o A daily self-purification process which gives them much enjoyment and zest for being alive. This self-purification is a way to make your peace, by meditating and releasing any negative thoughts such as being bitter, jealous, hate etc.

o Arguments are avoided and problems resolved through talking them out. No-one harbours “hard feelings”.

Unfortunately, we do not live in pristine areas such as the people in Georgia do and we do not have the same conditions, their crops are grown in naturally rich soils, are harvested at the right time and free of sprayed chemicals.

In our food much nutrition is lost through transfer, handling and storage in grocery stores and markets.

For many years we have been led to believe that we are consuming foods that have nutritional values for our health and wellbeing, so why aren’t we disease free? Depriving the human body of the necessary nutrients for remaining healthy and disease free can explain why some diseases are prevalent in our society today.

Take cancer for instance! These cells rob neighbouring normal cells of their essential nutrients, causing a severe wasting away of the human body – it is left with nothing to fight with. The system is deprived of the necessary nutrients to fight against disease and disorders.

Can these conditions be avoided through a healthy diet and the addition of vitamins and other supplements? Yet people tell me they have a good diet. That depends on what a good diet is! Because, why in the world do people get sick, if they are on such a good diet! Even if the cause of illness is hereditary a healthy diet, should be adequate prevention or, at least, help in the fight for recovery.

We don’t have the benefits that the people of Georgia, enjoy, but by making the effort and introducing some of their lifestyle, we may greatly benefit in the long term.

Source by Julie Eden