Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Why You Need to Invest In Your Health Every Day

Health advice is all around for a good reason. People are pushing their ideas because there is a demand for it. It is more than just interesting material to many people; often it is crucial information we all need to be made aware of.

Your health and well-being become a more relevant issue with each passing day. Nobody is getting any younger, and few of us are preparing for being older. You need to invest in your health every single day. A little goes a long way, especially when you consider the benefits you will gain and the health problems you will prevent.

It is not just about feeling better, being at the right weight, and having the freedom to eat whatever foods you like as opposed to being shackled by hypertension and Type 2 diabetes and their issues and inconveniences. It is about preventing what can…

  • put you in a hospital bed,
  • demand an emergency procedure, and potentially bring about an early death.

First, it starts with your weight. The majority of health problems affecting adults these days has to do with excess body fat. You may think it is trivial to consider as you only put on a “couple” of pounds in a year. The difference this makes may appear to be insignificant. However, at this pace, ten years causes quite a bit of damage. Poor nutrition and an inactive lifestyle add insult to injury.

Consider for the second half of this timeline you have elevated blood sugar, which may be due to prediabetes or perhaps your issue has progressed on to Type 2 diabetes. Now that is a lot of years of damage to your body. You are not getting any younger, and by neglecting your health in this manner, would also mean you will not enjoy good health in later life.

What has been mentioned above is an example, and only some of it may apply to you. Nevertheless, the principle remains. Will you take care of your well-being from today? You need to invest in your health, because if you don’t, you may pay for it dearly…

  • your kidneys,
  • your liver,
  • your heart, even
  • your brain could suffer through a stroke or dementia.

Taking care of your health one day at a time will add up. Even a small detail like…

  • taking the stairs at work instead of riding the elevator or escalator whenever you step outside your office or workplace,
  • skipping your afternoon snack,
  • parking your car towards the back of the car park at the shopping center and walking to the shops instead of parking close to the entrance, and
  • cooking your dinner instead of eating processed food

will make a difference. You can count on it.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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Enjoy Eating Healthy All Day

How can you start eating healthy at home?

Anyone who has gone through the weight loss journey will tell you that for the most part, the struggle is with making healthy food choices. Since fast food and processed food are often associated with convenience, it’s hard to let go of old eating (and buying) habits.

But you can still beat a lifetime of bad habits!

It can be challenging to develop new eating habits, but it’s not impossible at all. In fact, it is more difficult to keep unhealthy eating habits especially later in life when your body is already suffering from the effects of malnutrition. Remember: a person who has an unhealthy and unbalanced diet is also categorized as malnourished.

Why do you eat the way you do?

Your current eating habits are simply the result of years of repetition. That’s why they’re called habits. We weren’t born with habits; we just develop them over time. So if you learned to love French fries, ice cream and chocolate shakes, you can learn to love healthy, natural foods just as much!

Are you ready for another positive change in your life?

In today’s post, I am going to share with you some great ways that you can begin the transition to healthier eating. What’s really great about the transition itself is that it is gradual. You can start enjoying fantastic weight loss success by gradually changing the contents of your daily meals. Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Eat More Whole Grain

What is whole grain?

The Whole Grains Council defines “whole grain” as “food that contains all of the components of the grain seed in their original proportion.” A grain seed has three components: bran, endosperm and germ.

All three components provide a treasure trove of natural nutrients that provide the body with complete nutrition. The cooking method doesn’t matter as long as care is taken to preserve these three components.

Due to the density of nutrients found in whole grain, it is recommended that you have one to two servings of whole grain per day.

The dietary fiber found in whole grains will also help conquer hunger pains, as fiber expands when it comes into contact with water. Fiber will fill your stomach much faster and you will feel fuller more quickly.

What types of whole grain could you eat?

Three kinds of grains stand out in the world of fitness: brown rice, quinoa and millet. These three grain seeds are widely available and are crowd favorites because they’re tasty and easy to prepare, too!

Quinoa is considered as a fitness superfood because of its exceptionally high levels of plant protein, which is useful for fitness enthusiasts who want to build lean muscle while slimming down.

You may also try grain seeds such as amaranth, rye, sorghum and barley if the first 3 types don’t appeal to you.

Tip #2: Skip Oily Food

Why be mindful of fatty food?

Fats are essential for the body, but only in very small quantities. The amount of oil found in processed food and fast food is too much to maintain a healthy weight. Also watch out for “calorie traps” at home, like bacon strips and burger patties.

A single strip of bacon can have as much as 50 calories. If you eat 5 bacon strips at breakfast, you’ve already added 250 calories of energy to your reserve for the day.

If your physical activities for the day do not burn off most of the calories that you have consumed from the moment that you woke up, your weight will eventually increase. That’s why it’s essential that you identify high-calorie foods at home that do not provide a lot of nutritional value.

To keep your mealtimes interesting, opt for healthier alternatives such as egg whites and roasted veggies. Flavor-wise, vegetables have a lot of to offer. That’s why kebabs don’t taste like kebabs unless you add the roasted veggies!

Tip #3: Be Your Own Nutrition Guru

One of the best ways to learn about healthy food is by preparing them at home and by experimenting with different combinations and recipes.

Reading about healthy eating is one thing; you need to put your newfound knowledge to the test if you want to speed up the transition process. Here are some simple tips to make your home cooking healthier:

– Use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as much as possible and only in small quantities

– Reduce the amount of cheese and cream in your dishes

– Season with a variety of spices and avoid salting too much

– Top breads and pizza with mushrooms and tasty veggies

– Learn how to store cooked food to retain their nutrients and to make home cooking more convenient than fast food

Source by Josee Smith

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  • Got better results from your workouts.
  • Maintained a higher metabolism and lost weight.
  • Reduced bad cholesterol levels.
  • Could absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat.
  • Got sick less and stayed healthy.

You could take on the world, right??
We know this sounds amazing but these are just some of the benefits of good gut bacteria in HealthKit Advanced Probiotics.

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