How to Preserve the Nutritional Value of Your Food With Healthy Cookware

Eating nutritionally lacking food is as good as eating no food at all. Even if you’re making sure your food is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other nutrients, there is a great chance it loses nutritional value before eating it.

Few people are aware that most of the nutrients in food are lost while cooking if the cookware is not made of the right material. It happens in the following three ways:

  1. Conventional cookware (metals or ceramic) leach toxins into food while cooking. At cooking temperature, metals like Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Cast Iron etc., leach ions and react with food — a biochemical entity, with heat acting as a catalyst. As a result, food gets contaminated and becomes unhealthy. These toxins cause serious health issues in the long run ranging from short-term illnesses to chronic diseases.
  2. Also, heat from these pots is destructive to the delicate nutritional cells in food. Touch a metal pan five minutes into heating, it burns your skin and leaves a scar, food is made of the same tissue and is subject to damage while cooking.
  3. The steam has to be released through a vent before you open the lid. So, the water-soluble nutrients evaporate. This is another way nutrients are lost.

You can check your cookware at home with a simple alkaline baking soda test to see if it’s leaching toxins into your food.

How is Pure Clay different?

Pure clay is 100% safe and healthy for making cookware as it is made from primary clay – clay without natural contaminants. The following features of pure clay pots ensure food cooked in them is healthy:

  1. These pots do not leach any chemicals or metals into food while cooking.
  2. They cook with a unique far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into the grains without damaging them. This heat is food-friendly and cooks gently thus keeping the nutrients intact.
  3. This healthy cookware has excellent steam management properties. The ergonomically designed pot & lid uniquely allow steam to circulate inside and let food cook with its own steam pressure. The straight walls of the pot, its concentric circles, the inner flute on the lid and a cool underside of knob allow for steam to rise, get condensed and drop right back into the pot. This prevents water-soluble nutrients to evaporate as steam like in conventional metal/ceramic cookware.

All these great features make food nutritionally rich and truly healthy for you and your family. No more worries about toxins entering your food or losing nutrients, choose healthy pure clay cookware today and enjoy healthy food for the rest of your life.

Source by Sharon Ray

Healthy Cooking: The Connection Between Healthy Food and Cookware

Believe it or not there is a strong connection between cooking healthy food and the cookware you're using. Depending on the pot the food cooked in it turns our either depleted– lacking in nutrients and toxic or nutritionally dense and 100% non-toxic.

Let's see how the cooking pot makes the difference:

The Effect on Nutrients

The nutritional value of food is derived from the ingredients you are using, but if you make a mistake in choosing the wrong cookware, you can lose most of the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other nutrients. They are delicate and when cooked with the harsh heat from metal and ceramic pots they are destroyed in this process. This loss of nutrients causes food to turn out less tasty and while additional seasoning can help improve the taste, what would you do to make up for the lost nutrients?

The Leaching

Do you know that most conventional cookware leach while cooking? Don't believe me, just do a simple alkaline baking soda test at home to test your cookware and you won't need any other proof (search for Alkaline baking soda test for leaching). It is recommended that we eat at least 80% alkaline food to maintain a healthy body and baking soda is high on the alkaline scale. So, if the pots are leaching with baking soda, they certainly will do the same with most others foods you cook.

What happens is – at cooking temperature, metal ions from conventional metal and ceramic cookware (ceramic is glazed with chemicals that contain metal oxides) leach into food (it's a biochemical entity) and react with it. They are assimilated with food and accumulate in organs and tissues. When this goes on for too long, these metal toxins create the foundation for various health problems, some of which turn out to be severe diseases. The body finds it hard to fight diseases since the immune system is also compromised.

The Perfect Cookware

The perfect cookware would be the one that would not only preserve the delicate nutrients in food but would also be 100% inert (non-reactive). Pure clay cookware does justice to both these requirements. It's unique far-infrared heat is food-friendly and doesn't damage the delicate nutrients while cooking and cooks food uniformly and thoroughly without compromising on its natural taste.

Pure clay has an innate property of being non-reactive, which makes it perfect for cooking food. It doesn't leach anything and is tested to be 100% safe and non-toxic (an alkaline baking soda test can prove this as well).

Source by Sharon Ray

The Role of Healthy Cookware in Cooking Healthy Food

What makes your food healthy? The presence of life-sustaining nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and so much more… but have you ever considered what role your cookware plays? Studies have found that popular metal and ceramic cookware not only affect the nutritional value of food but also make it toxic. Want to find out how? Keep reading…

The most commonly used materials for making cookware are stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and ceramic. While they are used widely, they are not the best choice. They are not only too harsh on nutrients but also leach chemicals into food while cooking. Food gets contaminated and causes health problems when consumed regularly.

When cooking is in progress, heat acts as a catalyst and metals like aluminum, iron, nickel, magnesium, molybdenum, lead & cadmium react with the oxygen molecules, the hydrogen molecules, and nutrients that are in the form of halogens, acids, and bases. These toxins get assimilated with food and are sent to both cells and organs in body. They not only weaken the immune system but also cause chronic health problems.

Also, while cooking in these metal or ceramic pots, the heat is too harsh and causes serious damage to the nutrients and cooks by dissolving them rather than preserving them intact. Additionally, water-soluble nutrients evaporate as steam.

The result — food contaminated with toxins and lacking in nutritional value. You can hardly imagine the serious damage done to your health when you keep consuming such food regularly for a long time. Worried? Let’s focus on the solution.

A Viable Alternative

The only viable alternative is a material that is not only 100% non-toxic but can also keep the nutritional value of food intact while cooking. Recently, clay has gathered some popularity as a healthier alternative. But few people are aware that in order to make cookware from clay through any mechanized process, it needs to be treated with chemicals. Like metal cookware, these leach toxins into food while cooking and defy the whole purpose of using clay.

Read about an easy and reliable home test to identify what is leaching from your cookware?

It is important that the clay used is 100% pure and free from any kind of chemicals. Tests have shown that food cooked in pure clay pots is free from toxins. But this is not the only benefit. Such pots generate a unique far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into food and is distributed evenly without damaging the nutrients.

Also, the steam can be managed well with an ergonomic design of pot and lid. It can uniquely allow steam to circulate inside and let food cook with its own steam pressure. With straight walls of the pot, if it’s made in concentric circles with an inner flute on the lid and a cool underside of a knob will allow for steam to rise, get condensed and drop right back into the pot. This does not allow the water-soluble nutrients to evaporate as steam. Unlike metal pots, the heat produced in pure clay pots is food-friendly. It cooks food gently by spreading out evenly to every grain of food.

All these features not only keep the food healthy but also retain the natural taste.

Source by Sharon Ray

A Healthy Lifestyle Requires Healthy Cookware – Why?

The foundation for a healthy life is embedded in providing the body healthy food. A well-balanced diet every day is the key to keeping your body functions efficient. While you may be on a wholesome balanced diet, there is one other factor that can steal the nutrients and make your food toxic – your cookware. Thus, in order to cook nutritious food, you need healthy cookware as much as you need healthy ingredients.

What's Wrong with Conventional Cookware:

The body can eliminate the natural bad that you ingest with food but toxins in food is another thing. Toxins leaching from conventional cookware contaminate your food and start accumulating in blood, tissues and organs. Over time it compromises the immune system and lays the foundation for various health problems.

How Does This Leaching Happen?

Metals and ceramics are the most commonly used materials for making cookware these days. While metals are naturally reactive, ceramics are laden with chemicals that contain metal oxides and glazed with paint-like substances that have their own side-effects. As much as they are attractive to the eyes they are harmful to the body.

While cooking, the metal ions and chemicals leach by reacting to the bio-chemicals in the food. These toxins then replace essential nutrients in cells all over the body. These dysfunctional cells cause detrimental changes in organs and result in dangerous diseases.

Equally Bad Is What Happens to The Foods Nutrients:

The heat from metal / ceramic cookware is harsh and destroys delicate nutrients, further depleting essential nutrients. When the body is fed with such nutritionally depleted diet, it not only gets weak but fails to overcome the bad effects of toxins. In this way, the wrong cookware can greatly reduce the health value of food and make it toxic.

Truly Healthy Lifestyle Calls for Healthy Cookware

If you are hoping to live a truly healthy lifestyle, you need a truly healthy cookware. History teaches us that the healthiest cookware used for the longest of time was made from clay. Unglazed primary clay (or pure clay) with absolutely no chemical content is ideal for making naturally healthy cookware.

Pure clay is completely inert and doesn't leach anything into your food. It's unique far infrared heat is good for delicate nutrients and cooks without damaging them. It is by far the only natural cookware that tends to remove toxins from food while cooking instead of adding more to it. By using such healthy cookware, you can make sure that your food is rich in nutrition and free from toxins – just the way it's needed for a healthy lifestyle.

So as you plan your healthy lifestyle make sure you keep healthy cookware in mind so the food you have prepared with care can remain healthy and nutritious by the end of the cooking process.

Source by Sharon Ray