Biolever Probiotic and Prebiotic Powder for Men and Women | Dr. Formulated for Daily Digestion and Immune Health Supplement | Unflavored and Unsweetened | 30 Packets

Biolever Probiotic and Prebiotic Powder for Men and Women | Dr. Formulated for Daily Digestion and Immune Health Supplement | Unflavored and Unsweetened | 30 Packets

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Product Description

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One Probiotic for Two Big Health Benefits

An efficient digestive system and strong immune defense go a long way towards maintaining an active, healthy life. Much of the secret lies in balanced gut microflora. Biolever can help you meet this need with Balance Probiotics – a proprietary blend from our premium probiotics.

How to Use and Store

Simply mix into cold beverage, smoothie, softfood, or consume directly from the pack. Remaining fresh for 18 months when stored in its original sealed packaging.

20 Billion Live Cultures

Formulated with clinically supported strains

Promotes healthy digestion*

Supports immune function*

High performance prebiotics*

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Support Good Digestive Function*

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that can keep your digestive system running smoothly. B. lactis HN019 helps reducing transit time in the colon, moving waste through more efficiently and helping to keep you comfortable.*

Help to Balance Gut Flora*

Maintaining a healthy microflora is a key element in providing both digestive and immune health. Balance Probiotics can offer both of these benefits with the combination of two clinically documented probiotic strains, B. lactis HN019 and L. acidophilus NCFM.*

Boost the Body’s Natural Defense*

The gastrointestinal tract is considered the body’s largest immune organ. B. lactis HN019 contributes to strengthening the body’s natural defenses by increasing natural killer cell activity.*

Survival Past Stomach Acid*

Microencapsulation technology protects probiotic strains survives the stomach acid, bile, and enzymes that are present so that the majority of probiotic cultures reach the intestines, where they become active to support health.*

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use as directed.

PRECISELY TARGETED STRAINS – Our products are formulated with the same ingredients, in the equal amounts, that have been proven effective in clinical research. Our formulas address your specific concerns with targeted and patented strains. Recommended for men, women and kids at all ages.
CLINICAL STUDIES PROVEN FORMULA – Helps to balance gut flora and promotes daily relief from gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea; Helps speed up waste transit time in colon; Supports immune system – increase natural killer cell activity; Withstand the harsh acid environment of the stomach and reach their targeted destination in intestines.
PROBIOTIC + PREBIOTIC – Contains high-performance prebiotic FOS. Prebiotic fiber is a food source that helps to nourish live probiotic cultures so they can effectively colonize the gut.
DRINKABLE PROBIOTIC POWDER – Flavorless, colorant free, sugar free, low calorie probiotic/prebiotics blend. No chemical excipients (common in gummies/tablets, liquid probiotics). Easy to mix with drink and food. Use it at home, at work, or anywhere you go. No refrigeration required.

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