Barriers to Healthy Food Selection at the Supermarket

Barriers to Healthy Food Selection at the Supermarket

Just walking through the grocery store what you see all kinds of food labeling that is intended to disguise the true nature of the products. In every aisle you can see food that is supposed to be good for you but in reality is not. This is the worst kind of false advertising.

What really bothers me is when I see good natural food on the shelf next to its synthetic counterparts and make claims to be more conducive to good health than the natural version. They do this in spite of the fact that they know their products contain harmful ingredients. Still they have the audacity to say that their garbage food is good for you.

The really awful part about the way food is marketed on a daily basis is that it causes people to act on bad information. They think they are eating healthy but in reality they are not. Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about:

1. Products claiming to be healthier than peanut butter. Products like these are incredible. How could anyone believe that a synthetic product can ever be better than peanut butter that is natural?

To begin with, your organic product is going to contain peanuts and salt. The deceptive product however (the one that claims to be healthier), as all kinds of harmful ingredients on its label. Besides all that healthy type of fat has been removed so they can say that the product is low fat. This removes the best part of it that controls your appetite and the sugar level in your blood.

Even worse they usually put two sugar-based syrups and even cane juice (commonly called sugar) as well as artificial starches. I guess they think you need even more carbs to spike your blood sugar.

Here we have something like peanut butter that is natural and they have turned it into something that is really bad for you. Still they are permitted to make the claim that their product is healthier than simple peanut butter. Don’t fall for these tricks.

2. Products that say that there better than eggs. This type of product is nothing more than egg whites with artificial colors and flavors as well as other garbage including additional synthetic vitamins.

This type of product has really harmed a good thing by taking out the yolks which are the best part for your nutrition. The people that say that yolks are bad for you just don’t have a proper understanding of nutrition. What you want to look for in eggs is that they have been organically raised cage free.

Most shoppers are not aware that the part of the egg that is most nutritious is the yolk because it contains a lot of nutrients including vitamins and minerals, and it even has and it oxidant qualities. Egg whites just don’t have the same nutritional value especially without the yolks that complements it.

Also, contrary to popular belief, the cholesterol found in eggs is good for you, not that. You see what happens is that it increases your good kind of cholesterol. Also whole eggs provide fat that is healthy. All said and done you get better nutrition from whole eggs rather than just the egg whites. Claiming otherwise is just a lie.

3. Products that are supposedly better than butter. Once you get in this kind of product is basically margarine with a lot of trans fats. This of course is the unhealthy kind of trans fats. So the claim to be better than butter is just wrong. Even butter that is of poor quality is better than any kind of margarine that you see at the store. Although butter can have problems with pesticides and other chemicals that result from cows that were not properly. Because of this you should always choose an organic butter. If you can find butter that is from a grass fed source you can get even more health benefits. Because it’s organic, butter has conjugated linoleic acid; it can be very helpful if you add some of it to your vegetables so you can absorb more vitamins and minerals from them.

Butter is one of the best oils you can use to cook with because it has saturated fats. Other oils, the kind that have polyunsaturated fats, are really bad because of their volatile chemistry. Examples of this kind of oil are corn and safflower.

One more thing: regardless of what some people say the saturated fat found in butter is not harmful.

Source by Michael S Allen

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