Living a Healthy Lifestyle Can Reduce the Effects of Tinnitus and Ear Hissing

One of the most natural ways to improve the immune system, and thereby reduce the effects of ear hissing and tinnitus, is a healthy lifestyle – e.g. proper diet and exercise.

Generally, you should avoid or reduce caffeine, nicotine, alcohol sugar and salt. Yet paradoxically these substances can also induce or reduce tinnitus, dependent on the metabolism of the individual, so you should conduct your own experiments, to see which works best for you.

On the subject of salt (sodium) have you ever looked closely at the nutritional value on the labels of foods bought from the supermarket? You may be in for a shock. Once you have read this article, get up and go into the kitchen and have a serious look at the food labels.

I recently found that my blood pressure was slightly elevated, and on investigating the causes of high blood pressure, I found that reducing sodium in the diet was one of the most sensible things to do.

Now, I used to LOVE baked beans in tomato sauce, I had a full tin of beans with toast for dinner most days. But I was horrified to find that just one can of my favorite, Heinz baked beans, contained a whopping 1,337 mg of sodium – 55% of the recommended daily intake.

And take a good look at the amount of sugars in processed foods. I used to buy concentrated orange juice (because it was cheaper) – but this is a false economy – just look at the amount of sugar in those packs. Buy fresh, not from concentrate, if you can.

So have a closer look at the nutrition labels the next time you go to the supermarket and try to cut down on the amount of salt and sugar in your diet. It makes good sense in general and could have the added bonus of reducing the tinnitus and the ear ringing and hissing symptoms that go along with it.

OK – enough talking – go and have a look at those food labels in your kitchen.

More information on tinnitus here:

Source by Steve Naylor

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