Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotics for Women’s Mood Support, 50 Billion Cfu, 15 Diverse Strains, Non GMO, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegan Delayed-Release Capsules, 30 Count

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Advanced Gut Health Probiotic: Multi-strain, triple-purified, shelf-stable probiotics to seed your gut with stronger and healthier bacteria


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Advanced Gut Health Probiotic

What do probiotics do?

A probiotic is one of the most convenient and effective ways to reduce bloating and improve your digestion! Probiotics can also strengthen your immune system, so you get sick less often. Plus, gut health is linked to skin issues, mood and mental outlook and allergies—so strengthen your gut health every day with a quality probiotic!

Why take a probiotic?

Sure, you already have bacteria in your digestive system (also known as your gut!). But factors like stress, diet, antibiotics and lack of sleep can reduce the diversity of bacteria found there. This can lead to bloating, digestive issues, low immunity, and more. Fortunately, a multi-strain probiotic can help to restore healthy bacterial diversity!

How does Advanced Gut Health Probiotic work?

Advanced Gut Health Probiotic was designed to deliver more hearty and healthy bacteria to your gut. Just one capsule of advanced gut health probiotic each day will seed your gut with 15 diverse strains of probiotics that have a greater exponential effect than taking a probiotic with just one strain.

Designed with your gut in mind

Multi-strain probiotic

superior formula


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Multi-strain probiotic

Your gut contains more than one strain of bacteria, so why take a probiotic with just one strain? Our probiotics are crafted with multiple strains in a balanced formula to help promote a diverse gut ecology (i.e. you won’t find most of the formula weighted in 2 strains).

Strong, healthy strains

The strains are grown with care in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Then, they’re triple-cleaned to remove toxins and weak cells for an allergen-free, stable, and pure probiotic blend.

Potency is assured

We pack our probiotics with a generous overage of bacteria so that by the time they expire, they still contain the CFU printed on the label.

Delivered to your gut intact

We encapsulate them in a unique, vegan, plastic-free, delayed-release capsule that delivers up to 10x the bacteria to the gut.

What Advanced Gut Health Probiotic is right for me?

I want to support my digestive health every day

I want a stronger daily care probiotic

I want a formula designed for women

I want to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections

I want to support my child’s digestive wellness


15 Billion

50 Billion

50 Billion

50 Billion

5 Billion


1 Capsule/Day

1 Capsule/Day

1 Capsule/Day

1 Capsule/Day

1 Capsule/Day

Number of Strains






GMO Free?

Gluten Free?

What does it support?

Digestive health and immune system

Digestive health and immune system

Digestive and vaginal health

Vaginal health and urinary tract

Overall and gastrointestinal health


Dairy Free?

Soy Free?


Q: What is the CFU count at manufacturing?

A: We want to make sure you are getting a potent product right up until the expiry date. That’s why each capsule contains 45 billion at the time of manufacturing. This overage ensures we remain at label claim or better at expiry.

Q: Which CFU should I take?

A: We recommend going with a higher CFU during states of high stress, digestive complaints, or during times when antibiotics are used, but beyond that, do what feels best for you! Some people feel great taking 15 billion, while others like to “go big” with 50 billion.

Q: How long should a healthy person be using probiotics at any time?

A: Most studies show that the benefits of probiotics are associated with consistent use. Discontinuing probiotics will typically mean discontinuing the benefits. advanced gut health probiotic 15 billion, 50 billion and women’s DAILY are formulated for every day, on-going use.

SUPPORTS MOOD & MENTAL OUTLOOK: 15 probiotic strains in a balanced formula to help improve women’s gut health, mood and mental outlook, food intolerances and allergies, skin issues, bloating and weak digestion, low immunity, and brain fog.
CLEAN, STABLE, & PURE STRAINS: Formulated with human, third-party verified strains that are triple-cleaned in a temperature and humidity controlled environment for a stable, clean and pure probiotic blend. 100% Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Soy Free. No refrigeration required.
DELAYED RELEASE CAPSULES: Our strains are put into a vegan, plastic-free, delayed-release capsule to ensure that they pass through the stomach acid, reaching the gut where they thrive.
30 DAY SUPPLY: Includes (1) 30ct bottle of Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotics for Women’s Mood Support. Intended for daily use.