Probiotics Natures Answer For What Ails You

Probiotics Natures Answer For What Ails You

Remember In War of the Worlds, the invaders were stopped by simple little bacteria that inhabit our bodys with no ill effects. Probiotics are some of those simple little bacteria that live in the intestines and really keep our bodies running in a healthy way.

If you have ever had a round of antibiotics, it completely wiped you clean and probably gave you a good case of diarrhea. Most people know to eat some yogurt when taking an antibiotic just to avoid this.

Probiotics are those little bacteria numbering in the billions that help you live a good healthy life. They help to process food and enhance the absorption of B vitamins. You can end the chronic yeast infection that plagues you by simply starting a daily long term use of probiotics.

Hopefully, you are getting some of these little probiotic gems in your daily yogurt, sour cream, sauerkraut — basically fermented foods.

However, if you had the bad luck to get a cold or flu that involved diarrhea, you depleted your supply of probiotics. They can live in a healthy gut for 7-10 days, so they do need regular replacement.

If you are on one of those “diets”, that call for excessive bowel movements, you are certainly depleting your supply of health bacteria.

The easiest way to supplement and make sure you are getting the proper amount of healthy bacteria in your gut is just that — a supplement. You can buy a bottle at any health food store. Now that bottle does have to be refrigerated and that better be the place you find it at the store.

If you are currently having problems with diarrhea, or flatulence, or allergies, or yeast, or you are trying to get that cholesterol number to drop, stop at the health food store. The one I take has 8 billion Acidophilus and Bifidus in each capsule. Follow the directions on storing and taking them. You might want to start with 2 capsules instead of 1 if you are having problems now. Be sure to check the expiration date on the bottle, these are live cultures.

Probiotics – keep yours alive and they will help defend you from the alien invasions of bad cholesterol and even cancer. Your healthy immune system is your first defense and probiotics are your life line.

Source by Sharon Owen

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