Low Carb Dog Food – A Healthier Choice For Your Pet

Low Carb Dog Food – A Healthier Choice For Your Pet

It is true – how soon we forget. It wasn't that long ago when dogs were regularly fed table scraps which included bits of real meat such as beef and chicken, along with some veggies for good measure. Dogs seemed to be healthier and active longer in those days. Then, as consumers we were convinced that feeding a dog "table scraps" wasn't good for him (or her). Instead, manufacturers of processed products tried to enlighten us and tell us that we should feed our pets what is actually nothing much more than sugar, grain, additives of who knows what, and preservatives – to make food last longer on the store shelves.

As society has changed recently with the concerns of obesity in humans, nutrition has gained a lot more attention over the last several years. There have been many low carb diets introduced for humans, and as well, there now exists the option of low carb dog food for your pet. Pet owners have realized that not only do humans need to do a better job of eating healthier, their beloved canine friends need nutrition and healthy food choices just as much.

Now you have the option of feeding your dog dehydrated and raw low carbohydrate dog food. A variety of brands have been established to offer better nutrition to your best four-legged friend. Some recipes are entirely grain-free and include turkey that has been approved by the USDA and is hormone free. A wide variety of vegetables are also included, such as carrots, spinach, celery, and potatoes. Some varieties also contain fruits and herbs such as bananas, apples, rosemary, and cranberries. Dog food that is low in carbohydrates is available for all stages in a dog's life, from puppies to adult dogs.

The solution to providing healthy meals for your pet is more about quality of the food ingredients than quantity. Proteins that are low in quality and the fillers that manufacturers of dog food regularly use to bulk up the quantity include meat and bone "meal" that cannot be easily digested by your constant companion. Low carb dog food can also be gluten-free. As many people are now recognizing their body's issues with glutens (grains), so, too, pets can have intolerance of the substances. These issues require thoughtful consideration and mindful oversight to ensure your pet is eating the best foods possible.

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