Healthy Food Choices in the Restaurants

Healthy Food Choices in the Restaurants

You may have a quick bite from any where you see a food outlet. But, have you wondered how much of nutritional value it has? Even restaurants have a variety of options which offer nutritional value, it is up to you to choose the one which contributes to good health. Avoid food with heavy dressing, instead you can make use of light dressing.

If you are in a Chinese restaurant, you must understand that excessive use of ajinomotto or any other taste maker is harmful. You must make sure that you stress on ‘avoiding the ajinomotto’ when you order for food. Special care must be taken when you have kids along with you. Chinese food may be nutritious enough with lot of greens in it. Make a right choice of the delicacies you order at the food outlets. It is we who make wrong choices and contribute to bad health.

Paneer and cottage cheese have plenty of proteins in them. If you are calorie conscious then you can order for low fat cheese. The same can be used as topping or grated well into your gravy. Egg is a rich source of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and fat. Anything made out of eggs will be invaluable for growing children. Prepare different delicacies out of egg and provide sufficient nutrients to your children. Do not deprive yourself of it too.

For those calorie conscious, you can choose the one which has low fat and grease in it. Cut down on the fat content and replace lot of greens. You can make your food nutritious and supplement your body with essential proteins and minerals.

By doing this, you are not sacrificing any of the flavors you love and still getting the same health benefits that you would from a health food store.

Source by Kirthy Shetty

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